NBA Season Recap – 2017-2018

This NBA season has given me a sensory overload. So much has happened on the court that has led me to experience different reactions. Jaw Dropping plays. Eye-opening talent. I haven’t experienced an NBA season quite like this one. Over the next few days I’ll be running short posts to catch you up on everything that’s been going on. If you’ve missed a large portion of the season and are wanting to jump in for the playoffs then stay tuned! If you want to reminisce on a spectacular year then please join me! The topics will include…


I live in the midwest. I live where basketball grows. Here in the cornfields of Indiana we live for basketball. Outside of California and Texas I would venture to say NBA talent is grown largely from eastern states. Even with how much my state gives to the NBA the Western conference snatches it all. This season was the final straw.. I’m not sure what that means, but I won’t take it any longer. SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE. From Jimmy Butler to Paul George. The west must be trying to resemble the Wild West because they have no regard for us eastern conference fans.


If you haven’t heard about this story you must not be paying much attention. Anyway, I’ll dive deep into how tragic it was for the Celtics to lose Gordon Hayward on day freaking one. But as you probably know there were plenty of positives that resulted from a devastating and unfortunate injury.


In the 2003 draft we saw guys like LeBron, Melo, and D-Wade begin dominant careers. The 2017 draft could have possibly been the best thing since that. Only time will tell.. but of course we won’t wait for time. Lonzo Ball, Jayson Tatum, and Donovan Mitchell have all made their mark and I am not afraid to make some bold predictions about where these dudes are headed. Oh.. right and apparently Ben Simmons will be discussed here since he’s technically a rookie.


“The Paul George trade may be the worst trade in NBA history” – “We dominated that Paul George trade” I’m sure these sentences have been shared by plenty of Pacer fans out there. I’ve loved Dipo ever since he was at IU. After a slow start in the league I never had expected him to make a jump like this so quickly. It’s been said that Victor is breaking all kinds of metrics for how a player is supposed to progress from season to season. He has taken leaps and bounds this season and I love it!


One thing that makes the NBA stand out from all other sports is the drama that comes with it. Sometimes I feel as if I am watching a soap opera. Damn, I love this game.

(Don’t get me wrong though, I HATE soap operas)


Adam Silver mixed things up with the All Star game this year. It went nicely to say the least. Granted, there were some stretches of going through the motions. The last minute of this game was potentially the best final minute of a game I have seen all season. Seeing the top 10 players in the league go all out is a true spectacle.


I take a quick glance around the league and see Dirk Nowitzki (39) almost dying on the court. D-Wade (36) is happy with coming off the bench. Carmelo Anthony (33) is barely the third option and a major defensive liability on a decent western conference squad. LeBron James (33)? He’s having the best year of his life. Maybe that is an exaggeration. Even if it is this dude is clearly a top 5 MVP candidate and looks like he’ll be leading the Cav’s in his 9th straight finals appearance. What. The. Hell. Shouldn’t he at least be moving away from his prime years by now??


After Golden State won the championship in 2015 they have been heavy favorites to repeat each year. The only other team we thought could compete was the Clevel.. err… I mean LeBron James. After last year’s performance and now without Kyrie I’m not sure if even Cleveland has any glimmer of hope of beating the Warriors. Enter the Houston Rockets. Could it be true? Is there a challenger? Is this real life?? We’ll find out.


Some people will tell you no single snowflake is exactly the same as any other. Well I’m here to inform you that no person on this planet has a definition of MVP that perfectly mirrors another. Luckily for you, I’m here to tell you what the best definition is and what you need to believe about this season’s MVP race.


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